Collaboration between Sweden and Pakistan to Investigate Reliable Information and Communication Technologies for Realizing Smart Electricity Systems

Funded by: Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research (STINT), Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan.

The objective of this project is to initiate a research collaboration between Mid Sweden University (MIUN) and the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) to investigate enabling ICT technologies for power distribution systems that can reliably monitor the load variations and transmission losses in real-time. Such monitoring is essential to i) cope with the potential failures in the distribution network caused by gap in demand and capacity, ii) develop smart metering solutions and, iii) guard against transmission losses and theft. The project aims to extend this effort for M2M and future 5G enabling technologies.

In summary, the project will focus on these elements:

1) Research Visits: We organize two-sided short visits (1-3 weeks) of senior researchers and MSc/PhD students to work on the problem
2) Guest Lectures: Senior researchers deliver thematic lectures at the universities
3) Workshops: We intend to organize a workshop by inviting other researchers and the specialists. The main purpose of this workshop is in depth discussion on the research problems and gathering real-life requirements.

Project Directors:
Dr. Syed Ali Hassan (Pakistan Side)
Dr. Aamir Mehboob (Sweden Side)