Dr. Syed Ali Hassan and Dr. Aamir Mahmood (Assistant Professor, Mid Sweden University, Sweden) established their collaboration through an Initiation Grant from STINT, Sweden in 2017, for a joint research project. Since then, they have actively worked together in joint supervision of students are various levels, writing funding applications, organizing bilateral research visits, extending their internationalization activities and networks, and arranging special issues in conferences and journals.


Aamir Mahmood received the B.E. degree in electrical engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan, in 2002, and the M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees in communications engineering from the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Finland, respectively, in 2008 and 2014. He worked as a Research Intern at the Nokia Researcher Center, Finland, in 2014, Visiting Researcher at Aalto University from 2015 to 2016, and a Postdoctoral Researcher at Mid Sweden University (MIUN), Sweden, between 2016-2018. Since 2019, he has been an Assistant Professor in communications engineering with the Department of Information Systems and Technology, MIUN.

Dr. Aamir has contributed to several national (Vinnova, KK foundation, MIDE-Aalto) and international (Celtic) projects for conducting research and developing project demonstrators. He has co-supervised 3 Ph.D./licentiate thesis with 4 ongoing Ph.D. students as well as several Erasmus Ph.D. visiting researchers and master’s thesis students. Dr. Aamir has authored more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications in wireless communications, actively contributing to 5G-and-beyond networks for IIoT, 5G-TSN integration, ML/AI for radio network optimization and management, RF interference and coexistence, network time synchronization, and wireless positioning. He is a recipient of several awards, including the Nokia Foundation, Ericsson Research Foundation, STINT grants, and IEEE WCNC’13 best paper award.

Dr. Aamir collaborates with national/international industrial and academic partners, which has been instrumental in developing the expertise and knowledge of translating cross-industrial needs to design integrated wired-wireless industrial IoT networks.

Joint Projects

    1. STINT

    Funded by: Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research (STINT), Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan.

    The objective of this project is to initiate a research collaboration between Mid Sweden University (MIUN) and the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) to investigate enabling ICT technologies for power distribution systems that can reliably monitor the load variations and transmission losses in real-time. Such monitoring is essential to i) cope with the potential failures in the distribution network caused by gap in demand and capacity, ii) develop smart metering solutions and, iii) guard against transmission losses and theft. The project aims to extend this effort for M2M and future 5G enabling technologies.

    In summary, the project will focus on these elements:
    1) Research Visits: We organize two-sided short visits (1-3 weeks) of senior researchers and MSc/PhD students to work on the problem
    2) Guest Lectures: Senior researchers deliver thematic lectures at the universities
    3) Workshops: We intend to organize a workshop by inviting other researchers and the specialists. The main purpose of this workshop is in depth discussion on the research problems and gathering real-life requirements.

    Project Directors:
    Dr. Syed Ali Hassan (Pakistan Side)
    Dr. Aamir Mehmood (Sweden Side)

    2. KKS

    The project, funded by Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KKS), has the following far-reaching bilateral objectives
    – Increasing theoretical competence of SEECS and MIUN on wireless communication and signal processing, and machine learning domains.
    – Enhancing the ambition level of junior researchers, increase their competence to publish in high-ranked journals, and thus will improve our chances for academic research funding, and participation in EU projects.
    – Strengthening the strategic internationalization efforts in the field of critical industrial IoT and massive IoT networks, which is in line with the current priorities of respective research groups of two institutes.
    – Improving and complementing our department’s efforts on education and research level by bring freshness and new views in teaching and research methodologies.
    – Contribute towards meeting the needs of the existing business partners as well as giving the much needed impetuous to approach bigger industrial players.

Joint Supervisions

PhD Students:

  • Muhammad Waseem Akhtar (Currently, Postdoc at Mid Sweden University, Sweden)
  • Shah Zeb
  • Sarah Basharat
  • Rafay Iqbal Ansari

M.Sc. Students:

  • Muhammad Karam Shehzad
  • Shah Zeb (Currently, Ph.D. at SEECS, NUST)
  • Sarah Basharat (Currently, Ph.D. at SEECS, NUST)
  • Noor Waqar
  • Ahsan Waleed Nazar
  • Danish Ilyas
  • Syed Fahad Hassan

Undergraduate Students:

  • Syed Usama Minhaj
  • Muhammad Abdullah Khan
  • Mahnoor Anjum
  • Muhammad Shehryar Aslam
  • Alishba Khan
  • Abeera Atif

Joint Publications


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Book Chapters

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